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Welcome To Picanha House!

Our MENU is a little short compared to the huge Brazilian Cuisine,
but we selected the most popular specialties, snacks and deserts
to prepare with PLEASURE in our hearts for you and your
Family to enjoy

At Picanha House we make sure that all our ingredients are carefully selected, always focusing on their freshness and purity.

Our signature steak, "Picanha" which is the prime part of the top sirloin, represents the art and science of churrasco cooking. We grill the picanha to order, to make sure you savor the picanha steak the Brazilian way.

There's nothing like picking up something magnificent from Picanha House! This is Houston's premier source of homemade Brazilian food that's always made to order. Come try the authentic menu, featuring the very best of the best in South American style.

Whether you're hungry for the Picanha, Feijoada, Bife Acebollado, or anything else from their stupendous menu, these folks will never let you down. This is food made with love, and we're sure you and your family will be able to taste that in every single bite!

Experience the Taste of Brazil!

Visit Picanha House to Experience the “Taste of Brazil”! Feijoada, "black beans stew", Pão de Queijo, "cheese bread", Bife Acebolado, "sauteed steak with Caramelized onions", Farofa, 'yucca flour with baccon" Pudin de Coco, "coconut flan", Pudin de Leite, "Brazilian milk flan" and Guarana "Brazilian soft drink.

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What Is Picanha?

Picanha is a cut of beef popular in Brazil. In the U.S. it is little known, but referred to as the top sirloin cap or coulotte

In North American butchers generally divide it into other cuts like the rump, the round and the loin. In some places in the US it is called top sirloin cap.


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